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Welcome to Elder Care Smart

ElderCareSmart is your guide, advocate and coordinator helping you navigate the challenges of caring for a loved one. We understand the emotion involved in the elder caregiving journey, and know that informed families make better decisions. ElderCareSmart works in partnership with you for best fit solutions and well-coordinated care.

Our Collaborative Approach
to Senior Care Management

How We Help

ElderCareSmart Provides Answers and Solutions

We respond with compassion and empathy

We get to know you through a comprehensive assessment of individual abilities, preferences, capacity and circumstances

We work with elders, families and trusted advisors to identify cost-effective solutions, including an individualized plan addressing immediate concerns

We provide on-going care coordination to facilitate well-integrated care among specialists

Our Services

Care management professionals providing guidance, advocacy and solutions to help you navigate the challenges of elder caregiving today and tomorrow.

Care Coordination

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Decision Support

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Care Management

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Today … Understand elder person’s needs and wishes • Help families and caregivers address immediate issues • Advocate and coordinate among multiple providers

Tomorrow … Map a long term plan for the elder’s care needs • Facilitate and coordinate details of ongoing care • Navigate senior living issues for best outcomes

Elder Care Smart