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Why Choose ElderCareSmart?

We are registered nurses utilizing a nursing model and in-depth understanding of the healthcare and eldercare system to help seniors navigate access to services for optimal living. We take pride in making best match with high value, high quality providers. We work with physicians, attorneys, hospitals, insurers, clinicians, home health agencies and senior housing specialists to coordinate full service coverage.

ElderCareSmart works for you. We advocate for you to ensure timely access to medical care, and to ensure accurate information exchange between specialists and with your pharmacy. We accompany you on medical appointments. We work with hospitals and community providers to ensure smooth hospital discharge. In this way we help prevent medical error and re-hospitalization. We facilitate negotiation with insurers and private pay providers to save you money. We additionally help you access entitlement programs for appropriate coverage of healthcare and housing costs.

ElderCareSmart is also known for providing exceptional service in match-making to help families find the right fit in home care, nursing homes and assisted living. We do not accept commission or referral fees.

What is an Aging Life Care Manager™?

Although I recently celebrated a milestone birthday, that isn’t why I sometimes refer to myself as an, Aging Life Care Manager. Try saying it this way: “Aging Life, CareManager” . Actually the designation, Aging Life Care Manager, is a newly developed title evolving out of a rebranding campaign by the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers in 2015. This professional trade group formally adopted a new name last year, the Aging Life Care AssociationTM to more succinctly brand the profession.

When we started ElderCareSmart five years ago, eldercare managers holding a clinical license and certification were most commonly known as “geriatric care managers’’. Today colleagues in the profession may refer to themselves using any number of titles. The formal designations either Aging Life Care Manager/Professional or Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) mean that the individual is a licensed healthcare or social services professional who specializes in care management for those over 55. We provide assessment, teaching, information, and guidance to families and individuals who need assistance with navigation of the eldercare and healthcare services maze. An Aging Life Care Professional/GCM also provides direct intervention for care coordination, communication, counseling and advocacy to promote quality care and best outcomes. As members of the Aging Life Care AssociationTM we adhere to rigorous standards of practice, a code of ethics and are required to meet on-going requirements for continuing education.

In What Cites and Towns do you Provide Services?

We are centrally located near the intersection of Routes 93 and 495 in Andover, Massachusetts. ElderCareSmart travels to locations within a thirty-five mile drive from our office. This includes parts of Middlesex County and Essex County in Massachusetts, as well as Hillsboro and Rockingham counties in New Hampshire. Please give us a call to check about your location.

What are some of the Pitfalls for Consumers who Navigate the Health Care System Alone?

At times of transfer to a new clinical setting or discharge to home, communication about follow-up care, diagnostic testing and medication changes is not always accurate. This can lead to medical error, poor clinical outcomes, and re-hospitalization.

In addition, during hospital discharge, a patient may be transferred to a nursing home or a home health agency without an opportunity for informed selection of a high quality alternative.

Why Can't I Advocate for Myself?

Well-informed patients certainly can and do take charge of their own care management. Others do well with an informal or professional patient advocate at their side during healthcare encounters. This makes it more likely that intended questions are asked, there is an understanding of the plan for follow-up care, and that medical specialists are all on the same page. Our clients report more engaged attention from physicians when we are present as the care manager during medical appointments.

Who Pays for your Services?

We are paid privately for our service, directly by the client or the client’s family. Payment on long term care insurance claims may also cover our services. Unlike online search sites, and commission-based agencies, we do not accept referral fees, commission, or advertising fees from providers or vendors to whom we may refer clients.

When is the Right Time to Consider a Senior Living Community?

The short answer is – “Before you need one”. Many people are forced to consider options for assisted living, a nursing home or around-the-clock care in times of crisis. Selection of the right care option takes a lot of time, research, and informed decision making. This doesn’t happen well in the middle of a crisis, but ElderCareSmart can help.  We provide objective guidance, decision support and referral to help make the best choice for your loved one when timing is critical.

ElderCareSmart also provides exceptional service to help you plan proactively for next stage senior living. We work with physicians, attorneys, financial planners, eldercare service organizations, government agencies, long term care insurers, and senior housing specialists to develop a well-integrated plan for optimal lifestyle and high quality affordable care.

Can't I find a Good Senior Living Community or a Good Home Care Agency Using Free Internet Search Services?

You can find senior living communities, nursing homes and home care companies on line without charge. However, if you let ElderCareSmart do the work for you, you will be saving valuable time and money.

Our independent and objective process ensures that identified providers:

  • Are recommended without conflict of interest,
  • Are vetted for quality and reputation, and
  • Meet your specific needs.

​As a value added service we research eligibility for entitlement programs to help cover costs, and help you select care models that provide best value over time. Most important, ElderCareSmart gives you peace of mind knowing you have made the right choice for your loved one.

Today … Understand elder person’s needs and wishes • Help families and caregivers address immediate issues • Advocate and coordinate among multiple providers

Tomorrow … Map a long term plan for the elder’s care needs • Facilitate and coordinate details of ongoing care • Navigate senior living issues for best outcomes

Elder Care Smart