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My father transferred out of the hospital and into a bad situation, a nursing home not suited to his needs. I had no clue what to do. We were stuck in the weeds; ElderCareSmart was my machete.
Within twenty-four hours the paperwork was set for Pop’s transfer to a specialty hospital. (Your) care manager recognized the need for evaluation by a geriatric psychiatrist. He got great treatment for both mind and body, and now he’s back where he belongs – home. ……I give you full credit for saving my father from long term placement in a nursing home. You are worth every penny!

Herb from Amesbury, MA

My health crisis had me headed for disaster until Kathleen stepped in as my advocate. Where I found nothing but brick walls, Kathleen found solutions. She cut through the medical jargon and red tape, to get the care I needed. Having her on my side made all the difference.

Nancy, Former Client, Andover, MA

Now I get respect. Just having my care manager in the (exam) room has my doctor paying attention to me again. Glad I found a nurse to be my advocate.​

Assisted Living Resident, Billerica, MA

Home alone after surgery and unable to take care of my basic needs, ElderCareSmart came to the rescue! I received services from an array of community agencies I didn’t even know existed. Kathleen is an extraordinary advocate and I highly recommend ElderCareSmart as a first rate service.

Eileen N., North Andover, MA

We needed a strong safety net for my mother. Her funds were shrinking as she became more fragile. But with a job and kids at home Mom’s care is more than I can handle. Our financial advisor referred us to ElderCareSmart. I will be forever grateful to Kathleen. Her connections helped us secure a spot for Mom in a assisted living covered by a subsidized program.

Dorothy, Peabody, MA

Kathleen is an eagle scout when it comes to finding a nursing home to call “home.” She blazed the trail to a five star facility. My mother recently qualified for MassHealth, so we never thought she would be accepted to a place this high quality and just one town away.

Steven, Waltham, MA

Today … Understand elder person’s needs and wishes • Help families and caregivers address immediate issues • Advocate and coordinate among multiple providers

Tomorrow … Map a long term plan for the elder’s care needs • Facilitate and coordinate details of ongoing care • Navigate senior living issues for best outcomes

Elder Care Smart