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During this high level 20 minute assessment call we will:

  • Review your circumstances and situation

  • Identify concerns and issues

  • Explain how we can work together to address any problems

  • Provide initial guidance and direction

  • Address next steps for working with ElderCareSmart

Kathleen Scribner, RN, MPH, CCM

Kathleen Scribner, RN, MPH, CCM

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  • Request for Initial No Charge Telephone Consultation. Sessions are scheduled for twenty minutes.
  • Older Adult For Whom You Seek Consultation

  • Elder Challenges

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Today … Understand elder person’s needs and wishes • Help families and caregivers address immediate issues • Advocate and coordinate among multiple providers

Tomorrow … Map a long term plan for the elder’s care needs • Facilitate and coordinate details of ongoing care • Navigate senior living issues for best outcomes

Elder Care Smart